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Sunday, January 24, 2021

Communcation in an Emergency

 In a time of emergency, being able to communicate with your loved ones, and to know the status of the situation in your area are very important.   This month the  focus is on preparing to communicate in an emergency.

1. For a  personal emergency, it will be important to have a Family Communication plan in place.  At a minimum, talk with your family about WHAT to do if an emergency happens, WHO to call, and WHERE to go.  

2. In a local emergency, our Wards and Stake are arranged into Blocks with volunteer Block Captains.  You can report your status to the Block Captain on your block, and they will communicate your status to your Bishop and the Stake Presidency.

*If you do not know who your Block Captain is, or have an Emergency Packet with home tags and other information, please contact your Ward Emergency Leader or Elder's Quorum President.

3. In times of wide-spread emergency, our local Block system and Critical Care Unit at the Stake Center will be a hub for information and help.

Please reference the monthly newsletter below for information and goals for the month.

You can go here to download 

This month, ensure your family is ready to communicate in any emergency situation.  You will have immeasurable peace of mind after you prepare.