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Sunday, March 22, 2020

Covid-19 Coronavirus and Earthquake Preparations

Covid-19 Coronavirus and Earthquake Preparations

Wow what a week!!  Who would have thought we would have both a Pandemic and an Earthquake to handle in one week?  If you haven't started preparing both Temporally and Spiritually for events such as this, it's time!

I held a class talking about preparation specific to the Covid-19 Coronavirus.  In this video I cover what to store for food in a short term (we hope) quarantine situation.

And as a bonus, I covered what to store to keep yourself and your family healthy using natural medicine.

Some highlights:

  1. Why do we prepare
  2. What constitutes an emergency
  3. What food to store
  4. What else should be stored - including sprouting seeds, natural medicines for prevention and Nature's First Aid Kit
  5. How to prepare your family

Video about Covid-19 Prep - Food and Natural Medicine

I talk about documents in the video and they can all be found here:

Outline of Presentation

3 month Sample Food List
3 month Food Storage List

Long Term Food Storage Inventory

Survival and Sprouting Seeds

Natural Medicines to Store

Virus prevention and treatment

Preparedness Test
Self-Sufficiency Made Easy

Spiritual Preparedness FHE Lesson
Be Prepared FHE Lesson

Food Storage Cookbook
Food Storage + Cookbook

Earthquake Information

This is a great site with information on everything related to earthquakes.  Check it out, along with this simple video that is good for the entire family.

Earthquake Safety Guide

Earthquake Information Video for the Entire Family

Please make sure to check back frequently for more information about Preparation and Life during an Emergency.