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Sunday, February 23, 2020

Long Term Food Storage

Long Term stored foods are what most everyone thinks about when they are wanting to get prepared for an emergency.  A store room full of shining #10 cans with who knows what inside.  It makes us feel at least a little more ready for what might come...and it is the starting point, but there is more to it.

Some of the most frequent questions about Long Term Food Storage are;

1. How much do I store for my family?
2. How do I inventory and rotate the food?
3. How long will it really last?
4. How to I use these food staples if I have to?
5. Where do I put it all?

Have you asked some of these same questions?  This and more is answered in the MM Stake Self Reliance video on Long Term Food storage here:

There are some short cuts that are worth knowing about to get you to your goals faster.

How much??  You can use this calculator to figure out the totals for your family.
When you add your family info in you're going to get some serious numbers!  What in the world would you do with all of that food?  These foods are staples that are the building blocks of hundreds of recipes and things you can eat, now and in an emergency.  

Do I have to get it all now?
Heavens no!  Break it up into months and buy enough for one month.  You'll find a way to get more when it's time.  I challenge you to look around at what you have that could be traded for food storage.  My husband had a motorcycle that he rarely used.   We sold the motorcycle and bought food storage with the money.  You'll often be surprised at what money you have in "stuff" when you look at your home, garage and other places.  You might have the ability to get the recommended amounts when you think about "stuff" as potential food!
Where do  I buy the food?
The easiest and best answer is the LDS Home Storage Center.

What can I buy at a Home Storage Center?

Home storage centers help Church members and others build a basic supply of food for their longer-term home storage needs. Several prepackaged items are also available through the online store.
Prices effective as of January 1, 2019
ProductStore Price*Online Price*More Information
Apple Slices$67.50$76.00View Product Page
Beans, Black$33.00$43.25View Product Page
Beans, Pinto$33.00$41.75View Product Page
Beans, Refried$36.00$45.25View Product Page
Berry Drink Mix$54.00N/AN/A
Carrots$51.00$63.00View Product Page
Dry Onions$45.00$56.75View Product Page
Granulated Sugar$30.00$40.00View Product Page
Hard Red Wheat$21.00$25.75View Product Page
Hard White Wheat$22.50$25.00View Product Page
Hot Cocoa Mix$51.00N/A
Macaroni$27.00$22.50View Product Page
Nonfat Dry Milk$48.00$62.75View Product Page
Pancake Mix$32.00N/A
Peanut Butter$48.00N/A
Potato Flakes$30.00$37.00View Product Page
Potato Pearls$51.00N/A
Quick Oats$22.50$26.00View Product Page
Regular Oats$24.00$25.50View Product Page
Spaghetti Bites$27.00$21.75View Product Page
White Beans$33.00$39.75View Product Page
White Flour$24.00$25.00View Product Page
White Rice$30.00$36.75View Product Page
*Prices by case. Prices vary between home storage centers and online orders due to shipping costs.
There are also stores that have bulk items available if you search them out in your area.
How do I use this stuff?
Here is a great article that includes some tips for using these foods:
The key is just to buy SOMETHING. Start SOMEWHERE.  The first can wont' be your last, but it will be the start of you following commandments for storing food, and the Lord will help you get what you need.