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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Water Storage Revisited!

We keep coming back around to the same topics...alot like we do in the church and gospel!  It's because we need to keep hearing and learning and improving on our Emergency Preparedness.

This month is no different, we are going to revisit Water Storage. 

I challenge your family to do one of the following three tasks for January:
1. Purchase 1 case of bottled water per person to store - under the bed is a great place to keep it
2. Purchase one 50 gallon barrel (can find used on ksl often) and store water in your garage
3. If you have enough water stored, empty and refill your containers

Here are the church guidelines:

LDS Church Water Storage Guidelines

Info from the Home Storage Center

Drinking Water Guidelines

The stake video on this topic is the most viewed video on the Stake youtube account (23,000 people have watched and learned with us!).  Check it out here - lots of great information you can use tomorrow in your water preparation.

If you would like a different starting point, here are links to LDS resources you can use to get your on your way in water storage:

How to Start a water supply from Mormon Channel Blog

Water Storage Options from LDS Living

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