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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Self Reliance Christmas Gifts!

Remember the Emergency Evacuation Awareness Drill on 

Thursday December 5th!  

What to do:  At 10 am text all of your family members and check in
Future preparation: Think about what you would do if this were a true emergency and you were being asked to evacuate.  

  • Where would you meet? 
  • Who would you call?
  • What would you take?  

This is a good opportunity to have these discussions!

23 Self-Reliant Holiday Gift Ideas:

Christmas time is a very busy time of year.  There is always thought about what gifts to get our friends and family.  I often wonder if anyone even needs or wants the things I give!  This year, include some self reliance gifts under the tree.  You know you feel good about giving them and the person receiving will be able to put them to use! 

Canning setThis is a great gift for someone who wants to start preserving their own food next year.

Fermenting crock - A fermenting crock will be used year round.  Look in second hand stores for great old crocks.

Dehydrator- Wonderful tool for storing extra produce and other foods.

Food storage jars- Food storage jars can be used to store foods you buy in bulk.

Fermenting, dehydrating or canning book

A whole Foods Cook Book

Re-usable bags- great to help reduce waste

Castiron cookware- castiron is great to cook on and can often be found second hand.

Heirloom seeds- store this in the fridge until next year’s growing season

Kneeling pads – this is great for saving knees in the garden.

A gardening apron- saves trips back and forth to the shed.  Keep everything right at your finger tips.

Harvest basket- perfect to carry your harvest in for dinner

A plant or two

72 hour kit – this is a very useful gift anyone would love

Dynamo torch - Hand cranked and solar powered flashlight.

Wool Socks! 

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