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Sunday, September 22, 2019

How to Prepare for Sanitation Needs in a Disaster

How to Prepare for Sanitation Needs in a Disaster

We had an amazing class for the stake on Sanitation by Kathy McMullin, better known as

Her handout can be found to download here:

Sanitation in a A Disaster

For a short intro to why you should prepare for sanitation in a disaster, how to protect your home and your family,  and what you can store to be prepared, watch here:

The entire presentation can be found on youtube.  She has divided the course into five shorter segments so it's easier to get all of the information.  It is excellent info that I learned so much from!

Some highlights:

  • Why sanitation is such a concern in a disaster.  I don't know why I've never thought about it, but if there is an earthquake, anything inside of the earth - like piping - will move and break.  So even if the water isn't out, the pipes will be broken.

  • Why sanitation can be a life or death matter.  She will talk about disasters that happened and the fatalities that occurred AFTER the disaster was over.  They were largely due to lack of sanitation when disease and illness spread quickly.

  • How to avoid sewer backing up into your home

  • How to create a dry potty in your home and have it be smell and disease free

  • How to dispose of that waste properly to keep your family and others safe

  • What to store in your "potty kit".

  • and more.....

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