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Sunday, August 25, 2019

Recipes to Use your Stored Food

 How to USE your Stored Food

You've worked hard to get all of that wonderful food stored for times of need, but there are two things you need to do NOW with that food:

1. You need to learn HOW to cook with it
Most foods that we store in Long Term Food Storage are meant to be left on the shelf for some time, but if and when you need to use those foods, you certainly will need to know how to prepare them, and how to turn them into tasty, nutritious meals.  Now is the time to learn - not when you're in an emergency situation!

2. You need to USE it before it expires
Short Term Food Storage foods are just that - meant to be stored for shorter terms, used as part of your meal planning and preparing, and rotated.

I've put together a large group of recipes and you can find the links here:

 CopyTec in Pleasant Grove has these files under the name Michelle Jorgensen or Mount Mahogany Stake Self Reliance and will print and bind them all for around $15.

Here is another link for 9 printable Food Storage cookbooks for FREE
9 Printable Cookbooks link

There are recipes all over the web for cooking these stored foods.  Here are some links to popular and useful sites:

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Here are some tips for flavor and making your Food Storage meals better:
Flavor Savors

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