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Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Have You Prepared for Lights Out times??

This month we are going to focus on how to prepare for a power outage in your area.  It's interesting - you don't realize how used to power and lighting at our fingertips we are until it's gone!  You need to have multiple sources for lighting when you need it.

Candles - the safest ones are those that are in a glass container.  They don't have the risk of falling over and starting a fire.
Flashlights - multiple kinds.  Battery powered, hand crank powered and solar powered.
Solar lanterns and generators - there are many small varieties of solar lights that are small and easy to store.  Many can even charge your small electronics for you.

One thing I also recommend is a Power Failure Light.  It plugs into an outlet and lights up automatically when the power goes out so you can find it easily in a power outage.  You can use it as a flashlight or stationary light source.  I have one plugged into outlets in my hallways and bedrooms for everyone to use if needed.  Here's a source on Amazon
Power Failure Nightlight

This month we are offering a Group Buy.  Info below:

The Little Powerhouse Solar Generator
Price $20 each
Can be used:
1. In a light socket
2. With the included  solar panel
3. With the battery
4. To charge your small electronics (phone, etc)
Order by emailing your Ward Emergency Prep Leader or mmstakeprep@
Deadline: July 29, 2018
Image result for the little powerhouse power generator
 A video about lighting

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