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Sunday, March 25, 2018

April Earthquake Preparation and First Aid

Utah is 90% active earthquake territory, so every year there is a state-sponsored event called the Great Utah Shakeout.  During this event, all participants do a Drop, Cover and Hold On Drill at a specified date and time. 

This is a good opportunity to run though a simulation of an emergency, and think about where you are, where your family members are, where you would meet them, and how to keep them safe until you meet.  Whew - that's a lot to think about!  That's why this month we are going to participate in the Shakeout and prepare ourselves and our families so we would know what to do when and if an earthquake does occur.

This year's shakeout:
Thursday, April 19th at 10:19 am

Set an alarm on your phone, send a text message to your family - alert everyone to Drop, Cover and Hold On for 60 seconds wherever you are.

There are some simple things you can do to prepare for the shakeout, and more importantly, the real deal if it does happen.

1. Watch a movie that shows possible after earthquake scenarios to you know what you might need to prepare for: Utah Preparedness Now Earthquake Movie 

2.Seven Simple Steps to Earthquake Safety to prepare your homes and families:Seven Simple Steps to Prepare your Home and Family

  • Step 1: Secure Your Space Step 1
  • Step 2: Plan to Be Safe Step 2
  • Step 3: Organize Disaster Supplies Step 3
  • Step 4:Minimize Financial Hardship Step 4
  • Step 5: Drop, Cover and Hold On Step 5
  • Step 6: Improve Safety Step 6
  • Step 7: Reconnect and Recover Step 7
3. Fun video about making a Grab and Go Kit Grab and Go Kit

When discussing emergency preparedness, First Aid would be one of the first things that would be used after an earthquake.

Here is the MM Stake video on First Aid 
The goal for this month with first aid is to learn some basic skills and prepare basic supplies:
1. CPR
2. Choking
3. Bleeding
4. Splinting

To create a small kit for your home:
1. Bandaids
2. Antibiotic Ointment
3. Over the counter medications (Ibuprofen, Tylenol)
4. A First Aid Manual

Store basic supplies according to your training.

Remember - make sure to Drop Cover and Hold On on April 19th!!

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