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Sunday, November 26, 2017

How to Provide Heat and Fuel in an Emergency

This month it is getting colder, so it's the perfect time to think about how you would stay warm if an emergency would occur right now.

Please watch the short video on Heat and Fuel Sources here before you read on - you will want to know why these things are important and which one you want to focus on.

The goal for this month is to store enough fuel to take care of your family for a 2 week power outage.  If you want to do more...great!  But for now focus on these 2 weeks.

Gasoline - store with a stabilizer like Sta-Bil that you find at Home Improvement or Automotive stores.  Add the stabilizer so it lasts longer.  Make sure you keep your gas tank at 1/2 full or above.
Propane- Store one 5 gallon tank and make sure it's full.
Firewood - Hove one cord stored somewhere on your property
Charcoal - Store five 12 pound bags of charcoal (and make sure you have a place you could use it outside.
Kerosene - Find an inexpensive kerosene heater on the online classifieds.  Store enough kerosene for 2 weeks use.
White gas - Store up to 5 gallons.  Can't be used indoors.
Lamp oil - Store with your oil burning lamp
Butane - Store 15 cans for 2 weeks of use.  Can use used indoors for cooking.
Batteries - Store all sizes, and store them out of the appliance they are used in.

Remember Safety first - provide enough ventilation to replenish your oxygen anytime you are using an open flame.

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