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Friday, October 27, 2017

November's topic is Communication.  This might not be something you think about when preparing for an emergency, but in an emergency, if you have these communication lines in place, it will save you a lot of worry and time.

Watch this month's video for some ideas on what to work on and come back here for the forms I talk about on  the video...

Family Plan - it's so important to have a plan in times of an emergency.  There is nothing more stressful than worry about family members. 

Here is the link to find the following documents: Family Plan Documents
Emergency Contact Sheet - fillable - a short form you can put in a wallet or send with a child
Family Emergency Plan Template - this is a short form with info on it for you home
Family Emergency Plan Master List - this is a longer multi-page document for storing all of your important information

In the video we also talk about communications tools - a battery run AM/FM radio.  A great source for that is thrift stores!  Everyone is getting rid of their radios, so it's prime pickings for you!  If you are interested in HAM or amateur radio, you can find info at this link:
Find an amateur radio class here

The last thing the video talks about is sheltering in place.  The information and supply list can be found here:Shelter in Place info

And the two goals this month are:
1. Create a Family Plan
2. Learn who your block captain is