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Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Hello again!  Time to learn about Light and Heat!

I took June off because of too much summer fun, but I'm back at it this month with great information about Light and Heat.  These are two items that you might not think about in an emergency - particularly right now in the middle of a hot summer - but they are two you will notice immediately if an emergency were to occur.

We are very reliant on our electric lights and heaters, and we aren't used to doing without them.  So this month, watch the video about what to know about lighting sources, including the three rules of using open flames.  I will also explain why it's important to plan for an alternative heat source, and last, common items to store that can provide light.  (and how many candles it REALLY takes to light a room - you might be surprised!)
Video about Light and Heat

Items in the Lighting Kit I talk about in the video:
Emergency or Survival candle
Regular Flashlight
Wind-up flashlight
Strike Anywhere Matches
Solar Lantern (bonus if it has a USB output to charge electronics)
Chemical Light Sticks
(I made these for Christmas gifts last year and they were a big hit!

Your goal this month is to:
Store something for light (candles and a solar lantern would be great)
Find an alternate heat source for your home (wood stove, propane or kerosene heater)

Have a great month and enjoy the sunshine!