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Saturday, March 25, 2017

April is all about Gardening!

Gardening in an Emergency - it is important to know a few simple things

Throughout human history,  people have had to survive on what we call "Long Term Food Storage" foods.  Sailors on long ocean voyages, families living in polluted inner cities, famine or drought stricken areas - all of these people lived on limited diets, and they suffered from diseases caused by nutritional deficiencies - Scurvy, Rickets, Pellegra to name a few.

If you plan to survive on Long Term Food Storage in an emergency, you need to add vitamin rich foods to avoid disease.  Gardening will provide those foods.

Watch the video on Emergency Gardening here

One source of a Sprouting Seed Kit is:
Sprouting Seed Kit

You can also just buy sprouting seeds and use your own mason jar.  Here is a great source of seeds:
Sprouting Seeds

Which Seeds should you sprout?  Seeds that grow quickly like alfalfa, broccoli, radish and mung bean are great for early sprouts.  Any grain or bean will also sprout, and lentils and wheat are particularly good sprouted.

Which seeds should you save?
ALWAYS save Heirloom or Open-Pollinated seeds.   Hybrid seeds will not grow or will not grow correctly.  Do not buy seeds at the Grocery Store - they are probably hybrid.  Some great heirloom seed companies are:
Baker Creek Seeds
Territorial Seed Company
Johnny's Select Seeds
Natural Gardening Company
Seed Saver Exchange

 A source of an easy to store pack is:
Emergency Seed Pack

Which foods can be grown quickly?  Here is a list of the fastest growing seeds:
Fast Growing Vegetable Seeds

The Japanese Gardening Knife is found here:  (Great Mother's or Father's Day present!)
Japanese Gardening Knife

If you want more extensive Gardening Info, you can find a simple Organic Gardening Guide here:
Organic Gardening Guide

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